The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

When you don’t fit where you used to, you grieve that like any other loss. But, if you don’t fit anymore, you don’t. Move forward. We aren’t supposed to have to fight for a place in people’s lives.

I was talking to one of my long time friends today and we were talking about regret or being able to go back and take certain things back. I told her that every little bit of our lives along the way, bad and good, make up where and who we are today.

When you feel like you don’t fit where you used to, it can take you to a really low place. It hurts! The thing to remember is; it’s not your fault, don’t stay there. Move forward knowing that God will place you where you fit, perfectly.


12 responses to “The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore”

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for “stopping by” 🙂


  1. Its painful but necessary to move on .But some cases the memory remains etched on the heart.

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    1. You are exactly right!


  2. Hardships makes us stronger…I am a witness of it…God saved my life from sadness

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    1. That is super encouraging and makes my heart happy this morning. Great to connect with someone who “gets it.”


      1. Thanks. Beautiful blog you have!

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        1. Thank you so much!

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  3. Very sweet. Thank you, Joni! Lovely to meet you. 🙂 Debbie

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    1. Aww thank you! Happy to “meet” you! 💗


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