A Split Second

For those of you that have lost someone… Do you ever have moments where it hits you, out of nowhere, like a ton of bricks?? I do and it’s a terrible feeling. There are actually lots of mornings that begin that way for me.

The worst is what just happened to me. I was sitting in my car, waiting on my son to get his hair cut. I’m busy working on something on my home but I still notice people coming and going around me. I see someone out the corner of my eye and I happen to look up. My heart stopped. Or at least it felt like it. The man was walking toward my car, his head tilted down with a hat on. I had. Second where I thought it was Jonathan. I really thought it was him. Obviously had I not been caught off guard, I would have had the presence of mind to quickly know it wasn’t him! He looked up and that reality struck me. Ugh. He’s gone.

That might not make a lot of sense but, for a split second, things looked different.


7 responses to “A Split Second”

  1. So sorry for your loss and pain. I wish you the strength to get through it.😔

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    1. Thank you so much 💗

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  2. southernlyfavored Avatar

    Happens more times than we would want it to but for a brief second it is almost a relief then reality sets back. It gets better with time but it is a process.

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  3. Yes. And unfortunately our mind gives up to that insecurity hidden in our hearts.

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  4. follow what your heart is my sister, if that is it, God will bring closer together

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