• Eternity


    Poem I wrote 8/5/14 They say it gets easier, regardless of how you feel. Just be patient, your heart will heal. Give it time, that’s the only cure. Well, I keep waiting, I’m just not so sure. Every day that goes by, I miss you a little more. Everywhere I go, it’s you I look… Continue reading

  • Music and Healing

    Music and Healing

    My husband was a musician.  I am so beyond thankful that I have videos of him playing/singing as well as all of his songs.  But, I typically can’t listen to them. It’s been too painful.   Going to pour a glass of wine and give it a try. The point isn’t to make myself sad.… Continue reading

  • When You Are Battling Dreams Vs. Reality

    Hey friends! I’m sharing this post as it touched my heart. Let’s not forget to dream! Great post Hilda! 💗 Please check out her site and give her a follow! When You Are Battling Dreams Vs. Reality — Read on Continue reading

  • Gratefulness and Pain

    Gratefulness and Pain

    I’m thankful that I know God. Without Him, there is no hope. Even through my darkest times, He has always been with me. There have been so many times where I felt like he had forgotten me and I was alone. Grief has a way of stealing ones joy and sense of security. The enemy… Continue reading

  • It’s Okay Today

    It’s Okay Today

    The moment I opened my eyes this morning I knew that it would be one of those days. It’s a grief day. Sounds silly but I don’t know what else to call it. Grief can be tricky and sneaky. Although it’s something that stays with you, it still can come in deeper form; like a… Continue reading

  • I Don’t Wanna Monday

    I Don’t Wanna Monday

    Another weekend in the books! What did you do? Continue reading