What is Your Drug?

Wow. One of the best, most thought provoking posts I’ve read. I struggle with grief as well as the fear of letting go. Never had I thought of them as a drug. Will probably have to read this several more tones to fully process my thoughts. A must read…

A mindful Yogi

God did not create religion. He created man, he then commanded man to multiply and fill the earth. In that very instant, he gave man a  precious gift; love, because he said; Love me, then love your brother like you would yourself. Religion is a weed sowed into man’s heart by the ruler of the world. It is a drug to many.

Why do people experience thoughts that aren’t real?  Feelings that plagues and subdues them into believing there is no escape, no better life for them until their lives end. It assumes the role of a god, but it’s just one in a plethora of worldly spirits.  Not too long ago, I had such a demon. It filled me with feebleness, told me nobody loved me, I was nothing; but by what some might call a lucky streak I received the saving grace and clung to it, albeit it wasn’t…

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14 responses to “What is Your Drug?”


    This is a great read! Thank-you for sharing! Yes- Let God’s love be our drug!!! 😉

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  2. alcohol was my drug, but now anti-depressants (which help keep my mind from wandering to the negative) and God’s love are my answer.


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  3. Brad Stevenson Avatar
    Brad Stevenson

    Definitely a thought provoking post Joni. Thanks for reposting it. 🙂

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    1. I’m still thinking about this. I want to be addicted to Jesus and happiness.

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      1. Brad Stevenson Avatar
        Brad Stevenson

        Those are some good things to be addicted to. Let those addictions replace the addictions in your life you don’t want there. One day at a time. 😘

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      Agreed- Yes it is!

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  4. I thought it good call it what you will a drug or repetitive thoughts which come from demons to demoralise us. We have to change our thoughts constantly to be positive. This is why we have to empower our soul to connect strongly with God.

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    1. Yes. Hold each thought captive. I know that I need to remind myself of this often.

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      1. When negative thoughts start to repeat replace them with something good and positive.

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  5. Intriguing!
    I’ve just finished reading ‘The Information’ a book that infers we inhabit only a field of information – energy ‘bits’. Like an organic version of the Internet.
    We humans then create the universe in our minds, in our brains, from this information. There seems to be an echo of what Alexander is saying in your quote here – no wonder we can get addicted to our own thoughts.

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    1. Definitely something I will be pondering further. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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