I wrote that 5 years ago. Although much has changed; so much of that is still the same. 

It’s crazy to look back and see how far I’ve come. 

“They” say time heals all wounds. Does it really??

Most people don’t understand that no matter how much time goes by, you don’t stop loving someone that was taken from you. I didn’t get a divorce. He didn’t choose to leave me. This isn’t something you get over. I shouldn’t have to and I definitely don’t need someone who hasn’t walked this road to tell me I need to. 

There is a difference between being stuck in the pain and moving forward without letting go.

How you live your life is a choice. Grief is not! No one would ever choose this life. 

I’ve learned so much about myself; I’ve grown.  I survived what I, on many days, was sure would kill me. 

And now… I’m learning to truly live again. 

I will never forget though…

2 responses to “TIME”

  1. It comes down to how you define “heal.” Sure, you can move on but how many of us really get over something or someone? We definitely learn how to get around things.

    Maybe it takes something equally as profound to get us over the proverbial hump.


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