We were clueless.  We couldn’t have known.  We got in a car together just as we had several times a day for 14+ years.  We cranked up the music.  We pulled out of the driveway.  For the last time.  Five years ago today my kids and I lost the single most important person in our lives.  My best friend and the one that I would grow old with was gone.  In an instant. Everything changed in that instant. EVERYTHING.

Life has not been nor will it ever be the same.  We had plans.  We had dreams.  We were supposed to raise our children together.  I have been trying to pick up the pieces ever since.  The thing I have come to know is that no matter how hard I try, those pieces are never going to complete the puzzle that was to be our lives together.  Well, not on this side of heaven anyway.   

So what now?

I have to live.  Every single day I have to make the conscious choice to live.  Not just going through the motions but truly living.  That’s what this blog is about and I dedicate it to his memory.  I dedicate it to his life and the life he would want us to live.

Jonathan David Roberts ~ Born June 3, 1979 ~ Stepped into eternity June 19, 2012

Walking through the journey of pain and loss, with purpose.  Holding on to the hope of the joy that lies ahead.

12 responses to “LIFE”

    1. It definitely can be!


  1. Thank you so much for all the love and encouraging comments. 💗

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  2. Miss that man. He was an enormous influence on my life. Sending love your way.

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  3. Sheryl kelley Avatar
    Sheryl kelley

    Such a loving way to share to help others!

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  4. I”M SO SO PROUD OF YOU. SENDING LOTS OF LOVE YOUR WAY. KNOW this was hard but THE HOPE of LIFE is greater.

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  5. Living is the most honorable way to remember our loved ones who have moved forward to heaven ahead of us. Live fully, live loud,be kind, make them proud.

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  6. Bethani Hagen Avatar
    Bethani Hagen

    Love this!! This is going to be so good for you & others. You’re an amazing woman & I’ve watched you live for you & your children & it’s what he would have wanted. Living doesn’t mean forgetting…
    Love you tons!!

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  7. Jeremiah Downer Avatar
    Jeremiah Downer

    Joni, Glad you are starting a blog! I am thankful for your transparency even through your pain and grieving. Nicole and I love you very much! God bless you my dear Sister!

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  8. Joni know that he is with you in spirit….. you know him better then anyone….I know we don’t know each other but maybe you should play that song again…..lots of love and prayers…oxoxox

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  9. Kevin Wheatley Avatar
    Kevin Wheatley

    Great for you to set this up. To help others who have went through life and experienced heart breaking events in their life as you have!

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  10. Oh Noni, you made me cry. This is beautiful! Love you!

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